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DOLLAR: Today’s Johnny Carson

Jimmy Fallon’s Surprising Centrist Style – The Daily Beast

From slow jamming the news with Obama to playing musical instruments with Palin, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has become the late night destination for red and blue alike.


When Jimmy Fallon took over six weeks ago, the fear was he would join the chorus and pick a side—one that skews younger and more liberal—thereby closing the only avenue conservative politicians trust to appear on in the late night realm. But Fallon and those advising him are far too savvy and smart for that line of thinking. The new Tonight Show host—who has gotten off to as good a start as anyone could have imagined—has embraced the Johnny Carson mantra of being an equal opportunity offender in an effort to not potentially alienate half his audience.

[...] what Jimmy Fallon has accomplished in terms of political perception is nothing short of amazing: Being embraced by members of both parties as a non-political, non-partisan host who can make even the most polarizing politician appealing—funny, in some cases—even to his or her biggest detractors.

In the nasty world of Letterman/Stewart/Colbert — Jimmy Fallon, like Johnny Carson, is a class act.

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ANTHEM Spread the Word Campaign

From Anthem the play: Spread the Word:

ANTHEM is a futuristic story of a young man who asserts his individuality in a world of total conformity.  Based on Ayn Rand’s best-selling novel, ANTHEM will be staged this fall in a major professional, Off-Broadway production to run at the Jerome Robbins Theater at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City.

Austin Shakespeare developed this successful, 2011 production of Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM, which was adapated by Jeff Britting.  Playing to sold-out audiences in Austin, we added performances with people coming from around the U.S. and aboard.  Austin Shakepseare, a professional theater entering its 30th year, is taking ANTHEM  to New York, with previews beginning Sept. 25, and running through Dec. 1.  

Get Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM into the center of culture — New York City — this fall in time for the novel’s 75th Anniversary.  You can help us get people outside of New York City interested, too!

Link: Indiegogo


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Bringing The Arts To Life

From Lisa VanDamme:

Two of the greatest pleasures, greatest revelations, of my teaching career have had to do with the arts.

The first – that reading classic literature need not be an academic, didactic, spiritless chore. Given my own education in literature (and most of yours, I wager) how could I have believed otherwise? If literary analysis is no more than a discussion of the profound symbolic value of the green light at the end of the dock, or the finger-counting composition of a sonnet or haiku, or the unearthing of incipient feminist themes in Shakespeare (yes, really) – what’s the point?

I learned the point. The point of literature is to captivate you with enthralling, carefully crafted, tension-building conflicts, distinctly drawn and timelessly memorable characters, unique and penetrating insights about life and man – so that when you open the cover you enter a universe that is brightly-lit, and when you close it you find your own life illuminated.

The students at VanDamme Academy have learned the point. Had you seen them the day I walked in to class to read the conclusion of Victor Hugo’s Ninety-Three and found them sitting at attention, watching eagerly over their shoulders, having placed a box of tissues next to my desk (and many of their own) you would know just how well.

Now you can too. How?

The second – that visiting a museum can be more that just a stroll through a gallery, looking cursorily at work after work, forming some superficial, unexamined response (“that’s pretty”), and after hours of surveying the collection, coming away drained. Yet that is how most people recall the experience.

I learned from Luc Travers, VDA Literature Teacher and author of Touching the Art (, how to be immersed in, enraptured by, and moved to tears admiring a work of visual art. He has taught me, and years of lucky VDA students, what it truly means to appreciate art: how to stand before it giving it due attention, noticing every little detail, integrating all the elements, arriving at an understanding of the “moment” depicted in the work, and connecting that moment to my own life.

There was a time that that Millais’ Hugeunot Lovers on St. Bartholomew’s Day ( adorned the school’s walls as decoration, and I admired the lovely couple, their rich attire, and the creeping green vine. Thanks to Mr. Travers’s method, now when I pass by it I am moved by a portrait of momentous decision, the aching fear of losing a loved one, and the calm reassurance of a man of profound integrity. What a change.

Now you can undergo the same transformation. How?

For years, Luc Travers and I have worked hard to turn our students into passionate art devourers. Now we want to count you among our converts.

The conference will include:

  • A 2 ½ hour poetry course with Miss VanDamme
  • A 2 ½ hour art course with Mr. Travers
  • A guided tour at the beautiful Getty Center
  • A banquet at the Getty restaurant, with breathtaking views of the LA basin
  • A rare opportunity to observe a VanDamme Academy art and literature class
  • And more!
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Exposition vs. Drama: Comparing a Scene from the Atlas Shrugged Movie to the Novel

From Ron Pisaturo:

This essay compares one scene, viewable on the Internet, of the movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 to the corresponding scene in the source novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.   In this essay, my secondary purpose is to judge this small part of the movie; my primary purpose is to highlight—through contrast—the Romantic style of Ayn Rand’s novel. I analyze this one scene instead of the whole artworks so that you, dear reader, can study for yourself the evidence for my conclusion: The scene in the movie is Naturalistic exposition; the scene in the novel is Romantic drama.

Find the full essay at Ron’s blog.

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Art Against Jihad

In this wide-ranging and exclusive Capitalism Magazine interview, ex-Muslim artist extroadinaire Bosch Fawstin discusses: his new graphic novel series The Infidel and its’ hero Pigman — the Jihadist’s Terrorist; the influence of Frank Miller, Alex Toth and Ayn Rand on his work; the errors of George W. Bush and his contempories; his appearance on the Daily Show and the solution to dealing with Islamic terrorists. Definitely worth reading!

Link: Art Against Jihad: An Interview with Bosch Fawstin Creator of The Infidel and Pigman

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Pigman: The Jidhadist’s Terrorist


Some scenes from issue #1 of Bosch Fawstin’s graphic novel series The Infidel.

The Infidel is a story about twin brothers Killian Duke and Salaam Duka, whose Muslim background comes crashing to the forefront of their lives on 9/11.

Salaam’s response is full submission to Islam.

Killian responds by creating a comic book featuring a pigskin-clad superhero named Pigman, who takes on Jihad. 


“ The idea of Pigman” explains Bosch in a recent interview with Capitalism Magazine “came about when I started thinking about the enemy and what would be their worst nightmare personified. He’s a pigskin-clad superhero, a physically big, strong, ruthless defender of Western Civilization who fully understands the enemy and speaks his language. He is the perfect weapon against jihad.”

Order a copy of issue#1 of the Infidel at Bosch’s website.

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Bosch Fawstin’s Graphic Novel The Infidel Now Available for Download

Objectivist Cartoonist — perhaps the first major one since Spiderman creator Steve Ditko — whose debut graphic novel, TABLE FOR ONE, received the praise of Alex Toth, along with an Eisner Award nomination, has just released the first chapter/issue of his latest comic book, a graphic novel, in PDF form. 

Fawstin’s  THE INFIDEL, is a story about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. One responds by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called PIGMAN, as the other surrenders to Islam. Pigman’s battle against his archenemy SuperJihad is echoed by the escalating conflict between the twins.

You can order it here.

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Ayn Rand’s Anthem: Now Available as a Graphic Novel

From the publisher:

The controversial classic work of one individual’s will versus the subjugation of society-now available as a compelling graphic novel.

In all that was left of humanity there was only one man who dared to think, seek, and love. He, Equality 7-2521, would place his life in jeopardy. For his knowledge was regarded as a treacherous blasphemy. He had rediscovered the lost and holy word…”I”.

Order Ayn Rand’s Anthem: The Graphic Novel

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Impressive: Holleran on the Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer

Writes Scott Holleran on his blog on the forthcoming Atlas Shrugged movie:

Having seen a sneak preview of the trailer, scheduled to open in select theaters on April 15, I must say that this low-budget effort looks better than I had expected.

Exciting enough for the uninitiated, substantial enough for Objectivists and Ayn Rand fans, the trailer opens with a man named Midas Mulligan, met by a shadowy figure who has something important to say.

From there, we see skylines, speeding trains, and men of steel (including Ellis Wyatt, Hank Rearden, and, of course, Dagny Taggart), and the action and drama never let up.

The trailer looks crisp, clean and polished and wraps with the question: Who is John Galt? A tag-on teases “…Ask the Question.” This is the world’s first movie about Ayn Rand’s epic theme, the mind on strike, and, though it is impossible to gauge a movie’s merits on the basis of a trailer, for what it’s worth, I’m impressed.

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