DOLLAR: Crush Hamas

From Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas – The Washington Post:

“Life in Gaza is miserable now, but if Israel is permitted to prevail, circumstances can improve markedly. U.S.- and Canadian-trained security forces of the Palestinian Authority can take over key crossings and patrol Gaza’s porous border with Egypt. Rather than be funneled into Hamas’s war chest, international aid can be transferred directly to the civilian population to repair war damage and stimulate economic growth. Terrorist groups and their state patrons can be put on notice: The game has changed unalterably.

And by letting Israel regain its security with regard to Gaza — with all the pain it entails — the United States and its allies will be safeguarding their own. Though bitter, the fighting between Israel and Hamas raging in Gaza’s alleyways is merely part of the far vaster struggle between rational nations and the al-Qaeda and Islamic State-like forces seeking their destruction. Relative to that global conflict, Operation Protective Edge may seem small, but it is nevertheless pivotal. To ensure that it concludes with a categorical Israeli win is in the world’s fundamental interest. To guarantee peace, this war must be given a chance.”

  • Maheswar Deka

    Use of forces or wars will not bring lasting peace in Palestine-Israel. What Hamas is doing is for temporary gain only.It is not for lasting peace.or Hamas would get clapping s from fellow Palestinians- but, this is not the end in itself.or if Hamas thinks that it is showing heroism to its fellow people or to the world community,then, it is temporary game.WHAT THE WORLD WANTS,THEN ?A word called :peace:.One=Hamas will recognise Israel.Two=Hamas will restrict its activities to the areas falling under the Palestine territories.Three=there will a Palestine state comprising west bank/Gaza and east Jerusalem,.Fourth=Israel will vacate west bank to facilitate to establish Palestine state,Israel will decontrol all the controls in Gaza..The final outcome is- There are two sovereign states namely Israel and Palestine/ The state Palestine will be born in West Bank/Gaza and East Jerusalem.. Israel state is there and it will now get recognition from all including Hamas.