CROSS: No Justice for Gibson Guitars

Bill Frezza revives the Gibson Guitars case in a piece published in Forbes.   The whole affair stands as an appalling example of the law run amok.  The owners believe they suffered heavy-handed treatment from the feds due to the “protectionist” interests of labor unions and environmentalists.  But when the law can be warped to satisfy the whim of any bureaucrat or power-holder, that’s not protectionism, that’s tyranny.  More specifically, the Gibson Guitars case epitomizes the tyranny of non-objective law.

While 30 men in SWAT attire dispatched from Homeland Security and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service cart away about half a million dollars of wood and guitars, seven armed agents interrogate an employee without benefit of a lawyer. The next day Juszkiewicz receives a letter warning that he cannot touch any guitar left in the plant, under threat of being charged with a separate federal offense for each “violation,” punishable by a jail term.

Up until that point Gibson had not received so much as a postcard telling the company it might be doing something wrong. Thus began a five-year saga, extensively covered by the press, with reputation-destroying leaks and shady allegations that Gibson was illegally importing wood from endangered tree species. In the end, formal charges were never filed, but the disruption to Gibson’s business and the mounting legal fees and threat of imprisonment induced Juszkiewicz to settle for $250,000—with an additional $50,000 “donation” piled on to pay off an environmental activist group.

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  • RonPaulSupporter2

    As both a guitar player (for over 30 years) and a Libertarian, news of this “raid” on Gibson guitars was very sad.

    As long as we, the citizens of these United States, continue the belief that government has to provide for us, protect us from ourselves, save the environment, stop global warming, defeat whatever the “boogeyman of the day” is, etc., these types of incidents will continue to happen and only increase in occurrence.

    We have to come to the realization that government is not compassionate and always well meaning. It is only about three things: power, control, and money. Whoever gets in the way of maintaining or increasing that power, control, and money will be a target. Hence the raid on Gibson (as we were also told that the president of Gibson did not support Barack), the IRS going after the tea party, etc.

    Unless we, the citizens of these United States, change who we elect into public office, this will not change and will only get worse.

    People have said that we’re becoming the “USSA”. I believe we already are the USSA and moving ever closer to becoming the USSR.

  • James

    You do the crime, you do the time. Gibson knew it was violating the law and deserved everything they got.