The talks and courses for OCON 2014 include some incredible speakers:

  • AYN RAND: Ayn Rand: A Writer Is Born; Shoshana Milgram
  • AYN RAND: Atlas Shrugged and America; C. Bradley Thompson
  • ACTIVISM: What Everyone Can Do to Promote Freedom; Andrew Bernstein
  • ARTS: Romanticism vs. Naturalism and Classicism; Tore Boeckmann
  • ARTS: Joan of Arc: Schiller and Ayn Rand; Shoshana Milgram
  • ECONOMICS: Free Banking and the Fed; George Selgin
  • EDUCATION: The Self-Made Child: Maria Montessori’s Philosophy of Education; Ray Girn
  • ETHICS: How to Be an Impassioned Valuer; Andrew Bernstein
  • ETHICS: What Are We Cheering? Sport and the Value of Valuing; Tara Smith
  • FOREIGN POLICY: The Virtue of Selfishness in Foreign Policy; Elan Journo
  • HEALTH CARE: Individualism and Collectivism in Health Care; Rituparna Basu
  • HISTORY: World War I; Andrew Lewis (COURSE)
  • HISTORY: From Zeus to the Prime Mover: A Very Short History of Greek Theology; Jason Rheins
  • LAW: Privacy, Security and the Law; Amy Peikoff
  • LAW: Term Limits for Patents and Copyrights: An Explanation and Justification; Adam Mossoff
  • POLITICS: Understanding Government Corruption; Steve Simpson
  • POLITICS: Social Security; Don Watkins
  • POLITICS: Policy Controversies and Moral Individualism; Keith Lockitch
  • PHILOSOPHY: Introduction to Ayn Rand’s Philosophy, Objectivism; Onkar Ghate and Keith Lockitch
  • PHILOSOPHY: Ayn Rand’s Sacred Atheism; Robert Mayhew
  • PHILOSOPHY: Thinking Objectively; Gregory Salmieri
  • PHILOSOPHY: Self-Interest Rightly Understood; C. Bradley Thompson
  • PSYCHOLOGY: Free Will vs. Neuroscience; Edwin A. Locke
  • SCIENCE: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO); Amanda Maxham (COURSE)
  • SCIENCE: Being an Objective Consumer of Science; Gregory Salmieri
  • SCIENCE: Was the Universe Created? The Debate—From Plato and Aristotle to Today; Jason Rheins

Panels and Workshops include:

  • Ayn Rand and the New Atheists; Onkar Ghate, Robert Mayhew
  • Current Legal Issues and Controversies;  Paul Beard, Amy Peikoff, Steve Simpson
  • Entitlement State vs. the Young
  • Microsoft and Antitrust; Yaron Brook
  • Q & A on Objectivism
  • Unions and Business Regulations; Doug Altner
  • Writing from an Objectivist Perspective
  • The Fundamental Challenge of K-12 Education
  • The Rule of Law in America
  • Living Objectivism
  • Objectivism Is Radical
  • Objectivism in Business
  • Today’s Issues in Foreign Policy and International Trade

Learn more about the conference here.

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