710CSwgu1yL.jpg“The advocates of reason have been unable to answer the crucial question: what makes a cognitive choice valid or invalid? Since God or nature doesn’t tell us how to proceed in our thinking, what standard can we use to guide our thought processes?” — Harry Binswanger

In How We Know, Harry Binswanger, a philosopher who was an associate of Ayn Rand, presents a theory of knowledge based on Rand’s Objectivist philosophy. Advocating a “bottom-up,” inductive approach to cognition, the book covers the gamut of topics starting with the axioms of existence, identity, and consciousness, then taking up concept-formation, propositions, logic, and principles. A chapter on free will, treated as the choice to exercise reason, presents the author’s interpretation of Rand’s view on volition, supplemented by his own analysis.

You can download and read the preface here. You can also order How We Know on Amazon or on the author’s website.

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