From Yaron Brook at Voices for Reason:

This morning we launched the Ayn Rand Institute digital experience. A quick primer on what that means: 

  • AynRand.Org now features a brand new, streamlined design that allows for easy content consumption and navigation, and a personalized site experience highlighting the most relevant and interesting content to guide one’s exploration. Start at the homepage and learn about Ayn Rand, her life, her works and her philosophy.
  • ARI.AynRand.Org will take you directly to a distinctive subdomain focused on the Ayn Rand Institute itself. If you’re reading this post, you’ve already found your way to the reimagined and relocated Voices for Reason blog, a home to ongoing commentary from thought leaders at the Ayn Rand Institute. Beyond that, you can access information about our team of experts, key issues we’re discussing and how to get involved in our programs.

Amazing job Yaron Brook and the staff at ARI who produced this site.

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