Writes Yaron Brook on The Ayn Rand Institute‘s Digital Initiative Campaign:

Make a contribution to ARI’s Digital Initiative.

I am pleased to announce that the Ayn Rand Institute is launching its first-ever Capital Campaign—with the goal of raising six million dollars in support of our new ARI Digital Initiative.

We are asking contributors to make a one-time contribution to support this Capital Campaign. ARI’s goal has always been to reach the broadest possible audience with Ayn Rand’s writings and ideas. But it is not enough to have the ideas that can change the culture. It is equally crucial that we be able to communicate them effectively.

There are many organizations seeking to effect major cultural and political change—both on the left and on the right. They invariably conflict directly with the goals we are pursuing. Many of these groups undertake multiyear, multimillion-dollar capital campaigns with the explicit objective of building physical infrastructure—real estate, buildings, and the like—for their people and programs. These campaigns seek to establish monuments to these institutions, yet carry with them the costs of overhead and other inherent obligations.

In contrast we at ARI believe that cultural and political change requires not the building of physical capital—but rather the promotion of intellectual capital. We are, in short, engaged in a capital campaign to build a new home for ARI on the web.

Our proposed Digital Initiative will consolidate all of our websites and social media properties into a streamlined, highly resourceful and engaging experience. This is far more than simply a newly organized website—we will be rolling out fresh design, cutting edge features and new content that bridges Ayn Rand’s fiction to the application of her philosophy.

The new web presence will feature single sign-on and logins across ARI and Campus; profile personalization for registered users, including the “My Library” feature which allows visitors to bookmark and save articles, videos, discussions, and so on. The site will facilitate unique user journeys and personalized study guides—allowing us to deliver content and experiences customized to unique visitors as opposed to a “one size fits all” model. It will vastly enhance ARI’s events management capabilities; establish a new content management system and database with CRM tools; and both upgrade our email communications resources as well as equip ARI with state-of-the-art social media tracking tools.

The result will be an integrated digital solution that will increase awareness and further the understanding of Ayn Rand and her ideas. By fully integrating all our digital assets with the existing and planned expansion of our current e-learning platform—the Ayn Rand Institute Campus—we will create a unique and powerful educational tool for anyone interested in learning about Objectivism and its application.

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