Anti-Capitalists Complain Ayn Rand Collected Social Security…

Anti-capitalists complain Ayn Rand collected social security.

What they fail to mention is that Ayn Rand was physically forced to pay Social Security taxes throughout her long working career. She just wanted to get some of the money back (around $11,000) that was forcibly taken from her paycheck by the government. This is entirely consistent with her philosophy.

What her dishonest critics should be complaining about is the billions of dollars Limousine Democrats — who oppose tax cuts — are holding on to in the form of tax cuts. They are the real hypocrites.

  • G W

    Criticizing Ayn Rand for this is, from their perspective, like criticizing all of the liberals who are “forced” to buy from big corporations because the government hasn’t stepped in and nationalized them yet. Why the double standard?

  • Bruce Roeder

    Then why didn’t she collect it openly instead of having her secretary collect it under her married name?

    • Vegard Martinsen

      Ayn Rand O`Connor was her legal name, and I guess she was to busy to collect it herself.

      • Dave

        The problem with the ‘O’Connor was her legal name’ argument is that she changed her FIRST name as well (to Ann). No excuse for doing that unless she intended to hide what she knew was against her supposed principles.

        • Cass Michael

          Her real name was Alisa Rosenbaum.

  • SWalkerTTU

    She had to pay in the money, and was thus entitled to benefits. It was in her rational self-interest to take them.

  • IronMaidenaregods

    Nope. The system did not keep her alive.

    You conveniently ignore the loot expropriated from Ayn Rand by taxes and inflation and pretend she received a free lunch from the state.