An eye-opener. The issue is not “American jobs” but state-to-state or government-to-government deals. In this case, government-run-and-owned companies are benefiting from crony fascism. China is run by card-carrying communists who also control “private” Chinese companies, so they can also be called fascists. The symbiosis is startling but not surprising. General Motors, for example, has billions invested in China to produce luxury cars with the GM signature, but those companies are controlled by the Chinese government. Fundamentally, there is no difference here between the Chinese government undertaking mammoth building projects and the Saudis and Dubai building skyscrapers in the desert with petro dollars extorted from Americans with the connivance of our own government.

Diane Sawyer, of course, would never ask why American jobs are going overseas, that is, why federal tax policies drive American capital to flee to offshore bank accounts and so never keep all those American welders and other construction pros employed. (Or maybe she’s too dumb to suspect the reason.) She’s pro-Obama but this little report doesn’t do Obama any favors. There are doctrinaire leftists in the news media, and then there are the clueless ones who adopt a party line without knowing it’s a party line, but which answers their own cruddy education and hatered of freedom.

We have had a “mixed economy” of freedom and controls for over a century, but such an unchallenged “mix” leads inevitably to across-the-board total controls. What one should object to in this ABC story is not that “jobs” are going overseas, but rather government interventionist policies that forbid capitalists from acting freely and without penalty and which give “crony capitalists” and government “capitalists” a free hand.
Factor into this story the fact that the Chinese government is one of the biggest holders of U.S. treasuries. Was the awarding of this Chinese company the Hamilton and Bay Bridge contracts a means of the U.S. paying off some of its debt to the Chinese government? I’d like to see that story run somewhere.

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