Daily Caller pundit on Atlas Shrugged Movie:

I went in with deep reservations, but I came away impressed. […] While the acting is at times melodramatic (I heard a giggle or two from the audience), and the plot is a bit wonky, the movie comes together very well. The directing and dialogue (screenplay by Brian Patrick O’Toole) take a difficult subject with no action and turn out a fast, sleek and handsome movie that pulled this reviewer — no fan of Ayn Rand or epic book-to-movie conversions — right in. The two most amazing things about this movie are 1) that it got made and 2) that it was made on such a tight timeline and budget. [Movie Review | Atlas Shrugged Part 1]

The author — Chris Bedford — spends most of the article praising the producer, and not much
commenting on the ideas behind the film (he liked it because it was “fast, sleek and handsome”), so it kind of reads more of a adapted press
release as opposed to a thoughtful analysis (for an example see the
review at TOS) — which perhaps is a good thing.

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